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There’s a little bit of wizard in everyone. That magic’s real power was in belief. That every spell began, “I believe. I believe. I believe.”

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Music Challenge

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You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, whatever it is you listen to music on and then write down the first 20 songs that come up. Tag up to 10 people that you want to do it too! 

1. Test Drive -How To Train Your Dragon Soundtrack

2. Dance with Dragons -BrunuhVille

3. Let it go/Let her go maship -Sam Tsui

4. Kimi wo nosete(Carrying you) -Laputa: Castle In The Sky

5. Dance With Me Tonight -Olly Murs

6. Where No One Goes -How To Train Your Dragon 2 Soundtrack

7. Melt -Hatsune Miku

8. Jack’s Memories -Rise Of The Guardians Soundtrack

9. Guadians at the Gate -Audiomachine

10. Radioactive -Imagine Dragons

11. Hall of Fame -The Script

12. F.T. -Funkist (Fairy Tail Opening 3)

13. Angel with a Shotgun -The Cab

14. Sweet Devil -Hatsune Miku

15. Accidentally in Love -Counting Crows

16. Just Be Friends -Megurine Luka

17. Hiccup the Chief / Drago’s Coming -How To Train Your Dragon 2 Soundtrack

18. Katayoku no Tori -Akiko Shikata (Umineko no Naku Koro Ni Opening)yoooooo same ivor ;)

19. Safe and Sound -Taylor Swift (Me vs Gravity cover)

20. KINGS -angela (K opening)

So this took forever because of life and 2.not enough sleep so sorry! I’m gonna tag some of you guys and hopefully you’ll do this as well! Haha it’s actually kinda fun! I never knew littleivor senpai also liked the same song as I did haha^^





oops I don’t know who else to tag but if you want to then go ahead! I really want to know more other songs…for reasons :p Kay I should sleep now so goodnight guys!

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You hear quiet pawsteps across the ice, running about, and chasing something. You hear some laughing with it. "Come on Mana! Cut it out!" You can't see where the sounds are coming from, since they just ran into the forest. Do you try to follow them? ((dragon-scale-hearts! *it can be two wolves, two lions, a lion and a wolf, a dragon and a lion, or a dragon and a wolf. state your choice in the tags*))
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Emma heard the noises, but was hesitant to follow. The forest isn’t a safe place, especially with all the wild animals in there which her mother warned her. 

But of course, curiosity had to get the better of her and soon she trailed behind, following the voices. She thought they were children from the village playing around but oh no, it wasn’t like. She stopped dead in her tracks, her eyes widened in fear.

Two wolves were some distance ahead of her. She didn’t even dare to breathe.


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So I drew a thing and then tried my hand at making smiles and yeah soooo…….Spirit of the Forest

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The cool breeze gently brushing against her skin, the soft rustling of the leaves above, and the light humming of the insects. In the forest, where it was tranquil with no stirring, Emma was lulled to sleep, lying beneath a tree, where there was a canopy blocking out…

"Faron Woods? What?" Emma bolted up, turning around to notice her surroundings. This isn’t Burgess. Where am I?!

"Um, I’m sorry but uh-" she turned to face the other person,feeling rather nervous. "I-is this really, like really Faron Woods?” This has got to be a dream that seems so real.

“…Yes, it really is Faron Woods. In the Faron Province of Hyrule. Are you lost?” She went closer to the girl, who looked quite young. “Getting lost in these woods is not a good idea unless you are well equiped. Where are you from? I can take you home.”

"Burgess! Could you take me back to Burgees! I’ll find my way from there!" Well equiped? Province of Hyrule? What’s going on? She felt so confused and lost, she started to panic. She looked into the other’s eyes with a pleading face. “Please.”

Seeing the girl panic, Robin quickly knelt down to her height and smiled comfortingly. “Dear, please. Don’t worry, I can take you home. Burgess isn’t too far from here, if I remember correctly. I promise you’ll be safe at home by the end of the day, okay?” She didn’t know where Burgess was, but knew the Light Spirit Faron woukd know.

"Really?" she sniffed, rubbing her eyes. She was glad that the other person was kind enough to bring her back. But how did she even get here? That she still doesn’t know. She wonders if she ever will.

"Thank you so much. I’m Emma."

“Emma…. My name is Robin. I like your name, it’s cute.” She smiled and looked the girl over. She was young, and clearly was lost and afraid. Robin stood, looking at the forest around them. She really hoped the girl would get home to her family.

"Thank you." She sniffled, rubbing her nose. "Your name. Isn’t it the name of a bird?" She tried to calm herself down, taking deep breaths. Maybe talking would keep her occupied so that she wouldn’t cry in front of her. 

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joycethejoyspirit- You can see me? (sorry i have to send the through my dominant blog)
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"Why would I not? You’re not a ghost are you?" ((no worries^^))


Joyce laughed “He doesn’t have any power over you if you aren’t afraid, and it sounds like you are doing a great job. We can all do our part to drive away fear. Something as small as a smile can do wonders. Smiles are contagious which is they spread happiness like wildfire. Just remember that a little fear is a good thing. It keeps us from doing stupid stuff. I learned that the hard way.”

"I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you." She smiled at her words, which she would forever remember it in her heart. "Hey just a question. What’s your favourite colour? Mine’s yellow. Oh and pink!" 

"Pink. Its the color of cherry blossoms and clouds during a sunset."

"Cherry blossoms? Are they flowers? Or are they fruits?" They young girl was puzzled, scratching her head. 

"They’re little flowers that grow on cherry trees before the fruit does. I make my home in the branches of them. I haven’t seen any around here which means ill have to be leaving soon."

"Wait what? You’re leaving already? You have to stay longer!"

"Please? "

Joyce smiled. “I’d really love to stay but I have important things to do and places i have to be. Joyce hated that she had to leave the young girl. “I promise i’ll come by again sometime. Here,” Joyce dug into her dress pocket and pulled out a few small cherry tree seeds. “plant these and when they are grown you’ll have cherry blossoms every spring.”

Emma, with her hands out, asked again. “I’ll see you next time, right? Like, I’ll still be able to see you then, right?” She pouted, thinking that she may not be able to see her again when she grows up.

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Rise of the Guardians Short Films


Who else thinks that DreamWorks Animation needs to start releasing some short films for Rise of the Guardians

Raise your hand!


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Some pictures from Dreamworks Dash ‘n’ Drop

Anyone can change the postion of the last picture?